Fable III script injection
This method allows you to make changes to the script without relaunching the game
I recommend Notepad++ over Windows Notepad
Backup your saves. It's your responsibility to do this. If you don't and your save gets corrupted you were warned.

Backup data\dir.manifest
See Catspaw's GFWL emu - See end of post for links
Put DLC folder to Fable 3 game directory
Create folders: data\scripts\MyMod
Create text files MyScript01.lua and MyScript02.lua inside "data\scripts\MyMod" directory
Open dir.manifest (inside "data" directory) with notepad and add:


MyScript01.lua is executed once per 60 frames (one second on 60fps rendering)
MyScript02.lua is executed only when screen is fading

Now to test
Open MyScript01.lua in Notepad
Start Fable3
ALT+TAB to Notepad
Write in MyScript01.lua
Save it
ALT+TAB to Fable3
You should see a message box that says OK
ALT+TAB to Notepad and remove
Save it
ALT+TAB to Fable3 and press Escape to close the box.

For modders:
I used DEMO001 quest code, so if you used it too, you need to replaced it

I made a few small changes. I added the idea from ZackTiro's Script Modding Setup Tutorial
Changes to myscriptactivation.lua need the game to be reloaded.

For the changes I made you need to add the line to data\dir.manifest


You might have weapons when starting a new game. If you do you will probably run into problems. You should be able to remove the following lines from dir.manifest until Brightwall for the first time to solve this problem. It might be because of a mod I'm using, but I'm not sure.

ScriptInjector VirusTotal
Catspaw's GFWL emu 15d  VirusTotal

Credit for the original script injector goes to Artofeel - Improved script injection method
I'm not sure who to credit for ZackTiro's Script Modding Setup Tutorial
Fable3Mod page Catspaw's GFWL emu

I haven't been able to reach the posters on Fable3Mod. If you're one of them and you want to me change or remove something please contact me, but I will ask for something to prove you are who you say you are.
Some script examples from Fable3Mod

It tops you up to 100 potions of each type every time the screen fades to black. You can also place it in myScript01 to have the potions refilled once every 60 frames.
Place in myScript02.lua
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Hero's parent
It changes the the hero's parent to mother instead of father. In the Xbox360 version this was based on the gender of the last hero played in Fable 2.
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Untested, but probably working.
Remove scars

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This some of the code I use.
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Item List
Not all of these work.
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Here are the files, and links I have for Games for Windows Live.

Fable 3 Update - mirror
Games for Windows Live Installer from DVD
Games for Windows Live Setup from Microsoft

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