RS-Links Firefox/Palemoon 20-56
Access RuneScape sites. These include RuneHQ, RuneScape Bits and Bytes, and of course the main RuneScape site. In order to use the play game links the RuneScape clients need to be installed. (jagex-jav://, and rs-launch:// links)

FireFox 57+ will not be supported.
If you can convince Mozilla to re-add the features remove from about 54+ I will re-add support for new versions that include the required support.

Current Version
  • Changes
    • Rewrote most of the code.
    • Changed the menus, and buttons to use show drop down under customization.
    • Made the icons movable with customization interface.
    • Removed/updated broken/outdated links.
  • Todo
    • Make the buttons add themselves to a new toolbar.
    • Better icons

Older versions
These may or may not work correctly. Currently these are all from 2016 or older.
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